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Scheduling the Exam

Where can I check seating availability before I register for the exam? This impacts my decision to register.
At this time, we cannot provide a way for candidates to see if there is availability in a desired location prior to registration. We recognize this is not ideal but are working closely with our exam delivery vendors to secure enough seats for registered candidates.

How do I find a seat in my desired location?
During the scheduling process, you will be able to search by address, city, or zip code.   
What if I need to change my scheduled appointment?

If you need to reschedule your exam appointment in your exam window, you will be charged a non-refundable USD 250 fee* and any applicable taxes. You may not use this change to move to a new testing window, such as November 2021 or February 2022.

*We recognize that in some locations, the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 is making it difficult to finalize exam schedules, navigate travel restrictions, and secure seating in your preferred location. To help alleviate these inconveniences, we have reduced the USD 250 fee to USD 25 for exam changes within 2021 windows (i.e. changing a time or location within the exam window you are registered for). This policy will be in place for all 2021 exams.

What are my options if my preferred testing city and country show as full when I’m trying to schedule my exam appointment?

Due to the pandemic, we have experienced some locations that reached maximum capacity before registration was closed. We are working with our computer-based vendors at Prometric and British Council to continually add appointments in existing locations around the globe. However, if we are unable to secure additional appointments, we will offer candidates from those areas the opportunity to schedule as soon as possible into another exam window.

I registered for an appointment in a different city when registration opened up as there were no appointments available in my city. As the appointments are now added, can I reschedule to my original city without any additional charges?

Because we recognize the ongoing challenges created by the pandemic, for all 2021 exams we have reduced the appointment change fee from US$250 to only US$25. This will allow you to either change location within a testing window or to change your exam date within a testing window. This does not apply to 2022 exams, and does not allow you to change testing windows, from August to November, for example.

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